Doing business with M J Painting is a pleasure. We look for companies that want to partnership not just sell us a service. M J is just that. They are professionals, they have the expertise that we needed and delivered on time and with good quality. Those are the companies we choose to do business with and I recommend M J Painting to anyone who is looking for a painting contractor.


You will be hard pressed to find a better, dedicated and quality “Team” than M J Painting Contractor Corp.! Mike and his Team are hard working, honest, service and customer oriented and love the Greater Olean Region! Their commitment and investment to the Region is highly regarded and applauded. Look no further than M J Painting for your next project, you will not be disappointed!


“MJ Painting Contractor Corp. has been a very vauled client of The Sherwin-Williams Company for over forty (40) years. We have worked on and completed hundreds of coatings projects together and the result has been many very satisfied and repeat clients. MJ Painting completes many of their projects using our high quailty, top of the line Sherwin-Williams’ Protective and Marine Coatings. Mike John and MJ Painting are well respected by the community as they are known for being active in community events and support local businesses.”


Always great work on our projects.


I would like to thank you and your crew, Dan and Rick for the great job that was done getting us looking good for our Audit this week. Due to the work that was done we came through with no violations on painting or appearance of the plans.

Thanks again for the great work you guys do.


Of all the contractors I have worked with over the years – M J Painting stands out as not only the best at what they do and the most cost effective, they truly stand behind their work. Mike and his crew are absoultely top notch!


Great Customer Service! Fast, quality and friendly!


NACE certification is a nice plus.


Very excellent work with, knowledgeable, responsive and deliver good quality work.


I would like to thank you for your outstanding work you have done for us and for working with our crazy schedule.


Awesome team!!! Very impressed by your work.


High quality with higher productivity than other painters.


Mike Jr. is always a pleasure to talk to, and enjoy working with M J.